Oasis Birth Pools

midwife designed to create a birth oasis

a midwife's kind of care!

Designed, manufactured and marketed by USA midwife Debra Nelson, the Oasis brand provides what no other brand can provide ...

As a midwife, I believe comfort during labor and birth are key to minimizing interventions and improving the experience for both the birthing parent and the baby. Birth partners also benefit when there is less stress during birth.

I created the first Oasis Birth Pool back in 2012 to meet the need for an affordable option for birthing families and I have continued on, through my company Better Products Inc., to expand the Oasis offering while keeping pricing where it belongs – affordable for everyone.

Providing exceptional water birth pools and accessories allows the mother/baby experience to unfold naturally, beautifully and, most often, in the safety and comfort of home.

Debra Nelson, Founder and CEO
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Quality, Comfort, Family Friendly Pricing

the foundation behind Oasis Water Birth products

No Hype

Oasis commits to providing products that continually exceed our customers expectations.

Our business model is to focus on the basics and leave the hype to other companies.

Super strong, durable, beautiful

Only the best quality materials are used:

  • Top quality pool material actually means lighter pools. Oasis birth pools are lighter than the competition because of the quality materials, heavier does not mean stronger.
  • Our pool material is flexible and is engineered to withstand very cold and very hot temperatures.

Only one quality - the best!

Oasis does not offer “professional grade” pools. All Oasis birth pools are professional quality:

  • Top quality material
  • Top quality construction
  • Top quality professional pools!

But Oasis does not charge you high prices like out competitors. We keep pricing where it belongs – affordable for everyone.


Oasis Water Birth Products are marketed around the world by small business owners who have dedicated their professional careers to meeting the needs of their birthing communities. They are experts in their field.

Global Distribution

Better Products Inc welcomes inquires for distributorships any where in the world
  • Better Products Inc was founded in 2015 and now proudly represents several pool models, liners and many water birth accessories.
  • Oasis Water Birth Products are used not only at home but in birth centers and hospitals around the world.
  • The quality and reputation of Oasis Water Birth Products will ensure success for any business who markets this outstanding brand and Better Products Inc commitment to distributor prosperity means that your country and communities can experience the Oasis difference!

Support and Guidance

Better Products Inc extends support and guidance to each Oasis Distributor to ensure the Oasis Model of Excellence is maintained.

We believe in support not dominance

Each distributor is the expert of their region and Better Products Inc understands the value in providing the type of business mentoring that elevates customer service and product development.


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We already have distributors in the UK and Australia.
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