Marketing Oasis Waterbirth Kits

Creating an Oasis Kit

Marketing Oasis Waterbirth Kits meet your customers needs and enhance your retail sales.

We know each customer has unique needs. However streamlining the shopping experience leads to customer satisfaction and return shopping and what better way to do that than a kit?

Oasis has created a wide variety of accessories needed for every water labor and birth that can be bundled together as a kit to meet a varity of needs. ¬†“Click and done” will mean happier customers who will not only return but also refer others.

We have a team of experts who can help you develop a very dynamic and successful Oasis Waterbirth Kit section on your website.

Identify your customer groups

Hospitals, birth centers, midwives and birthing families will shop differently and have different needs. By creating options will help you acquire sales on every level.

Having kits that range in price and products allows your customer to select a kit that is right for them.

Supplementing your Oasis Waterbirth Kits with other products will mean that your customers can one-stop-shop with you and you generate larger profits.

It is always wise to create some kits that have “everything”. An Oasis Complete Waterbirth Kit would include the birth pool and liner along with all the waterbirth accessories like water hose and air pump and completed with a lovely birth kit of gloves, gauze, baby hat and more.

All items are also sold individually but most of your customers will need to buy more than a birth pool and liner. Creating a wide variety of kits will improve customer satisfaction with simplified shopping options.

A great way to promote the sale of kits is to offer kit discounts.
A 10% discount is enough to close a sale.

Example Kits

Some kit ideas.


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