Pool Tear Down

Labor & Birth Pool Clean Up


Assistants and birthing families should have easy to understand pool instructions from you so that they can do their part in helping to extend the life of your pool.


With Electric / Battery Water Pump Method

Remove debris from pool with a net as best you can.
  • Attach water hose to water pump.
  • Place draining end of water hose where you wish water to go.
  • Follow water pump instructions.

With Hose Siphon Method

Remove debris from pool with a net as best you can.
  • Coil entire length of hose into the water in the pool. Be certain that all air leaves the hose.
  • Block one end of the hose with your hand to prevent air from entering and carefully lift from pool.
  • Extend hose to drain area and lower.
  • Remove hand from end of hose and water should freely flow from the pool. Draining end must be lower than water level in pool to create siphon.

Cleaning Pool

anything you should not use to clean?
  • Wash pool out with warm soapy water.
  • Rinse pool and scrub with cleaning solution of your choice
  • Wiping all surfaces, inside and out.
  • Rinse pool thoroughly with clean water.
  • Completely air dry before folding and storing.

Other Siphon Methods

Remove debris from pool with a net as best you can.
  • Attach hose to outside faucet. Run water through hose into the pool to push out air. Turn off water and unscrew hose from faucet and let water drain into desired location.
  • If draining into bathtub, push water through hose from tub faucet to push out air then drop hose to floor of bathtub to drain.

Deflating Pool

Your air pump can usually be used to help deflate the pool.
  • Attach the hose to the “air outlet” on the air pump and turn on. This will draw air out of the pool.
  • Fold and squeeze any remaining air from pool and secure air valves.


Your birthing pool can be reused for subsequent births
  • Store your pool indoors and above 60°.
  • Ideally store in carry bag?
  • Make sure fully dry?
  • How many years would it last?

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