Pool Setup

How to setup your Oasis Waterbirth Pool


Consider having a “pool person” freeing others to focus on the labor and birth.


When Your Pool Arrives

Be certain that your pool is allowed to warm to room temperature prior to handling.
  • Pools will adjust to room temperature best if removed from box but do not unfold.
  • Your pool should be soft when unfolding.
  • If your pool has been in hot temperatures allow it to cool to room temperature prior to handling.
  • Handling pools when too cold or too hot can cause damage and make them unusable.
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Test and Learn

Follow manufacturer guidelines for testing your pool for defects
  • Practice set up without adding water.
  • Do not leave your pool rigidly inflated.
  • After testing, your pool should be kept deflated or partially deflated until day of use.

Location of Pool

Select an area for privacy and access to a bathroom.
  • Have a minimum of 3 feet of floor space on all sides of the pool.
  • Be certain your water hose will reach from water source to the pool and from the pool to water draining location.

Inflating Pool

Do not over inflate.
  • To prevent damage, ensure that pool has been properly warmed (or cooled) and is soft and flexible when unfolding.
  • Inflate bottom of pool to firm.
  • Inflate sides of pool to firm.
  • Pool should dip between 3 to 4 inches when leaned on with body weight.

Preparing Floor for Pool

Place pool over plastic floor liner and sheet/towels.
  • A plastic floor liner under pool will protect floor from water. It should extend 2 feet around the pool.
  • A large flat sheet or towels placed over plastic can help prevent slips and will help absorb water.

Fill Pool

Adjust depth while in pool.
  • Attach your hose adaptor to your faucet or shower pipe. Add your “Y” adaptor if using one.
  • Attach hose firmly to adaptor.
  • Fill pool to 1/2 full with 95o 100o water.
  • Place a hose end cap on the pool end of the hose.
  • Adjust to desired temperature and depth once in the pool.

Other advice

Place pool over plastic floor liner and sheet/towels.
  • Have hand towels to place on the side of the pool to use as a head rest
  • Also place some large towels for the floor for later use.
  • A folded comforter or blanket under the pool will provide additional comfort.

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