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Why use a liner?

Adding a disposable liner to your pool adds strength and makes cleanup quick and easy.  Liners are a must when reusing pools. Liners can also help extend the life of your pool as they help support the weight of the water.

  • Top quality ECO phthalate-free 0.18 mm vinyl.
  • Textured to help reduce the risk of slipping. Texturing also make the liner more supple and easier to manage.
  • The liner’s material is lighter and stronger than other pool liners.
  • Water fill lines mark right on the material.
  • Individually packaged.

Oasis Generic Pool Liner

Small: fits pools up to 68``x 60``x 30``
Large: fits pools up to 80``x 68``x 32``
Generic Liner

Small:  fits pools up to 68″ x 60″ x 30″ / 173 cm x 152 cm x 76 cm

Large: fits pools up to 80″ x 68″ x 32″ / 203 cm x 173 cm x 81 cm

How to use a liner

  • Allow liner to come to room temperature
  • Open liner and spread over pool draping over top and down the outside of the pool
  • Add water to fill line or lower
  • Water will smooth liner out.

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