Pool Care

Tips for Extending the Life of your Pool


Keep your pool warm and don't over-inflate


Keep your pool warm:

Keeping your water labor and birth pool warm at all times is one of the most important ways to help extend the life of your pool.

Keep pools and liners above 50° or ideally at 60° Fahrenheit or warmer.

  • No cold cars or back rooms. Cold temperatures can fracture the material.
  • Only unfold and inflate your pool when it is soft. Handling a cold and stiff pool can fracture the material.
  • Let your pool warm for a few days in its bag until it is nice and soft before unfolding and inflating.
  • Order your pool during warm months when ever possible. Pools are often subjected to very cold temperatures while traveling to you.
  • Bring your pool indoor immediately after delivery during cold temperatures.
  • Also watch out for your pool becoming too soft in very hot temperatures. Do not leave pool in hot vehicles. Cool to room temperature in its bag before unfolding and inflating.
  • Do not add water over 140° to your pool. Fill your pool to no more than half full with 100°—105° water.
  • Once in pool, top off with water to comfort level.
  • If you need to add more hot water, stir the pool water while adding, to prevent super hot spots.

Limit pressure on pool seams:

You can help extend the life of your pool by limiting pressure on seams.
  • Inflate your pool to firm but not too firm.  Pool side should dip down 2-4 inches when leaned.
  • When testing your pool, only leave it firmly inflated for 6 to 8 hours. If it holds air, then deflate and store or release some air to make pool soft while waiting for labor to begin.
  • Do not leave pools firmly inflated when not in use. If you anticipate a quick labor or have pools left set up at birth centers and worry about the time to
    inflate the pool, partially inflate the pool, leaving it soft, then top off to proper firmness when needed.
  • Do not sit on the sides of the pool. Even though your pool is strong enough for this, limit the time as much as possible.
  • Only add water to pool when it is ready to be used. Leaving water in pool for extended periods of time can put unnecessary pressure on seams.
  • Drain pool as soon as possible.

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